FAQ it.


do we receive raw images?

the short answer is no - instead, you will get all your fully-edited images in a resolution and quality appropriate to store and print in any size. yay!

moderately-longer answer: “raw” is a file format that preserves alllll the available information in a digital photograph. it records all the details about the highlights and the shadows and allows for more flexibility in editing, but it is a totally, completely, utterly unprocessed image. it’s like ordering guacamole and having someone hand you an avocado, onion, cilantro, lime and salt - you’re welcome and good luck! without the right tools (um, a knife at the very least? and a fork might be helpful. oh, also a bowl. and i like some spice in my guac, can i get a jalapeño? ooooh and chips, please.) it’s actually not quite ready for consumption. every photo you see on my website has been edited to fit my vision, to match the way that specific moment felt while it was going down. fun fact: the only real use you’d have for raws is to apply your own edits to the photos, which actually violates our contract, soooo…we’re on the same page?

do you have insurance?

that i do! i’m fully insured and ready for battle. (i’ve never actually had to use it but, like, i guess that’s why it’s called insurance?) if your venue, coordinator/planner or anyone else requires a certificate of insurance, just let me know and i’ll have it to you asap.

can we see a full wedding gallery?

yup. if you filled out my inquiry form, you probably ended up on a page that had a couple options to view. if you didn’t, drop me a line and i’d be happy to send over a gallery or two. (just keep in mind that no two wedding days are alike! i ask all my couples about their specific priorities, which means some omit those family formals, some want to capture all the diy details and some would rather hang with their friends at cocktail hour than take a single photo on their own. your day will be entirely your own, so keep it in mind as you peruse other galleries.)

how long does it take to get my images back?

two weeks for engagement and/or boudoir photos. for wedding photography, you’ll receive a sneak peek within a week and the full collection within 90 days. i take deadlines seriously (enneagram one up in here) and promise to get your photos to you on or before the contracted date.

i’m uncomfortable in front of the camera. help?

i’m not kidding, everyone leads with that. and real talk: making you comfortable is my job. i love connecting with people, i love letting their personalities shine on camera and i really, truly want you to shine. don’t worry, i have a couple of tricks up my sleeve.

have you shot at our venue? does it matter?


if i have, i’ll tell you - and if i haven’t, i promise it does not matter in the slightest. i always scout my locations, either in person or online, and arrive earlier than our start time to get a sense of the space. if i’m available, i also love attending rehearsals to meet your planner/venue coordinator/friends/family in person and see exactly how the ceremony is going to go down before the day-of.

if i’m being completely honest - and that’s how i like to roll - shooting at the same location a thousand times can get repetitive, no matter how amazing the space. switching it up keeps the creative juices flowing and a fresh set of eyes in a new venue can open up possibilities nobody knew existed. bottom line, i want to


can you help with the timeline?

what is your editing process?

i’m self-conscious about my ____, will you photoshop it in my photos?

how do you pick a second photographer? do i get a say?

what happens if you get sick or can’t photograph our wedding for an unforeseen reason?

do you charge travel fees?

i want to book! what happens next?




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