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body of whatever i write



i fell in love with photography as a typically-awkward pre-teen, lugging my camera from summer camp to drama club and learning how to forge connections along the way. i honed my skills in the antarctic, surrounded by viciously adorable fur seal pups and mentored by national geographic photographers. i have a passion for capturing unsung moments and showcasing the personality of who-or-where-or-whatever crosses my lens. 

my mission in life is to build womxn up, foster community and tell stories. (i'm still a theatre kid at heart.) i celebrate bodies as they are and encourage you to reclaim the joy and power of feeling your damn self. when it comes to your wedding day, i'm basically a professional-bff-slash-fly-on-the-wall, invisible and gravity. (but i won't drop apples on your head. i will, however, get down on the dance floor and join you for a shot of tequila. would gravity do that?)

spicy food fuels my body, empathy fuels my art, i believe in the magic of dressing up and i'm irrationally proud of this.

my goal, when we work together, is to make you shine. (you kinda deserve it.) 

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